Sourcing Sorcery

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“Johnny? So I was searching for a sourcing group on the internet, and I couldn’t find any… should we make our own?”

Sourc… what?

We should probably start by introducing ourselves and the work that we do on a daily basis. Sourcing is an activity of finding and approaching interesting and talented candidates, eager to work with cutting-edge technologies on both front and back-end, or online marketing enthusiasts. And where do we find these people, you ask? Our jurisdiction spans the lands of Linkedin, GitHub, or StackOverflow, but you can even meet us offline on various tech-related events.

What happens to the candidate, once we find them? We initiate a conversation, go through the possibilities of our potential cooperation, and if the interest is mutual, we invite them for a cup of coffee with our recruiters who ensure the best ‘candidate experience’ and lead them through the first and second round of our hiring process.

So it began

It was 2018, on a hot summer day, in a cosy café in Prague 5 with head full of ideas (but most importantly a partner in crime, who helped to set the meetup group project on the right course).

This is the beginning of the Sourcing Sorcery — a meetup group which is based on sharing and a laid-back principles for talent sourcers of “all kinds.”

“Pre-preparation” phase

“Start a meetup group,” they said. “It’s gonna be fun,” they said. But they didn’t say it’s also going to be a lot of hard work, planning, re-planning and time. Fortunately, we were counting on that — and mostly, have you ever tried to talk two young, ambitious people out of something? :)

So we bravely jumped into unknown waters. With the get-up-and-go of a project manager who wants to have everything perfect, we started working on a SWOT analysis, organising meetings, having brainstorming sessions and were preparing time plans and budgets.

The preparation phase

After all those tedious SWOT analyses we finally reached an agreement on the date. What we needed next was an audience and a venue. We had the advantage of our cumulative HR experience, that brought us quite a decent network of possible attendants — sourcers and recruiters with a mindset similar to mine and Johnny’s. And when it came to choosing the venue, thanks to Blueberry, we didn’t have to break a sweat on this task, as we had a full support from the company to have the event on our home turf. We would like to use this opportunity to thank Blueberry for making a big part of this meetup possible.

Kick off!

23.10.2018 was “D day” when we had an almost full venue, who attended our first meetup which was about “The role of the sourcer.” Attendees were invited mostly via our Facebook group, or in person. In terms of audience, it consisted of recruiters/talent sourcers from GoodCall, DreamBig, SocialBakers and BridgeWaterBlu. As you can see, the diversity was really wide :) Were we nervous? Hell yea! TL;DR — despite nervousness, it was a happy end with nice feedback, and heaps of new knowledge, all the refreshments eaten, but above all, the date for the next meetup.

Not just sourcing

We don’t focus exclusively on sourcing, however vast and exciting this discipline is, but due to its interconnection with various work-related topics, we decided to keep our scope wide. That’s why, for our second meeting on the 11th of December, we chose the topic of personal branding. We managed to lure the GoodCall’s creative star, Jonáš Waloschek, to our Yoga room (that’s a large conference room for workshops, presentations, and — you guessed it — yoga!), to tell us more about his branding mojo. Thanks again, Jonáš! :)

Our whole idea about this group is based on sharing; we do not see ourselves as some kind of sourcing gurus, and we believe that a thoughtful discussion is way better than just a frontal lecture. So, from the very beginning, we’ve encouraged others to come forward with their ideas and desires on what topic we should bring to the table next, and the event itself is an ‘open-mic’ kind of deal, giving people the opportunity to educate others and work on their presentation skills.

If you’re asking about the next meeting and it’s topic, we can’t tell you yet. Not because it’s some kind of a secret, but because we honestly don’t know. It lies on the other members of your sourcing Facebook group, where we usually hold two votes. The first one is on the topic of the next meeting, and second one on the date. The two events have, so far, taken place in Blueberry, but Sourcing Sorcery is not bound by place, and there’s a chance that thanks to the help of other members of the group, the next one could take place in one of their offices.

What’s next?

sourcers, recruiters, and just “the right freaks” who are interested in recruitment, and creative ways of sourcing, as we can. We would like to show that the talent sourcing isn’t just a farce for people who would like to reach the “more interesting” HR agenda, but a fully-fledged part of the process, which combines humanity and technical knowledge as well. It forces us to keep up with trends, hot news and gives us an opportunity to use our creative minds. That all merges with doing great work not only for a company, but above all for candidates. Some people may think that we are “hunting,” or that we are telemarketing, but at the end of the day, we just give them the opportunity to get a better job. And that’s not that bad, right? :)